Application description:

Year 2025. Something unknown to the mankind before came from the space depth. The first SOS signals were received from the most distant planets of the Galaxy, and with them the bad news came - our bordertroops are destroyed. From the scraps of reports it became clear that some spheres from space are able to deprive the life energy from all living beings. And they are approaching the Earth very fast. But there is hope for salvation!

As early as 2012 combined military forces of the largest states of our planet have begun to create a new generation of weapon that could be used to protect the planet from space intruders. This weapon was called “Perseus 2013”.

"Perseus 2013" - a fearless soldier who became a soldier being a child . From childhood to teenager this soldier trained, developed and taught at top-secret base, mastering the latest tactical and strategic rules of war. "Perseus 2013" personal armor is a unique disk that telepathically linked to its owner. The disk can change its shape, weight and being controlled by soldier mind. Challenge "Perseus 2013" against the spheres. Save the Galaxy!